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Configuring Neru

Neru ships with a few required options and a bunch of optional features that are configurable. ALL config options are passed into the neru function which you will have added from the Neru CLI or the Manual Installation.



  • Type: Adapter

This is the adapter for your project, see getting started for more information.


  • Type: GetServerType<Adapter>

The type of this is extracted from the adapter given, but it's whatever server your adapter expects. For example the express adapter expects an express server.


  • Type: string | string[]

  • Default: src/routes

This is where your route files are located, you can have an array if you want multiple directories.

Note: directories are read recursivley! So no need to specify every folder that contains routes, usually only the default is needed.


  • Type: boolean

  • Default: false

This provides some helpful debugging neru for diagnosing issues with Neru.


  • Type: string

  • Default: ``

You can set a base path for all your routes. For example a base path of /api would mean all routes read would start with /api.


  • Type: RegExp

Ignore files that match this regex.


  • Type: boolean

  • Default: true

This shows a pretty list of all of your routes and methods in console after Neru has loaded.

MIT Licensed