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Add Neru to an existing project

  1. Install Neru and the adapter of your choice, for this demo we will be using @nerujs/express

    npm install neru @nerujs/express
  2. Create your src/index.js file, make sure to use the adapter and framework of your choice. You can copy and paste the specific code you will need on your adapters documentation page

    import { adapter } from '@nerujs/express';
    import { neru } from 'neru';
    await neru({
        server, // The server your framework uses, for express it's "const server = express()"
        adapter, // The Neru adapter, it's the first thing we import in this snippet
        routes: 'src/routes', // Your routes folder
  3. Make a folder called routes in src

  4. Start using Neru!

MIT Licensed